Lullaby for Dreams

lonely teddy girl

Please hug me tight,
coz here comes fright…
This is one of those nights,
when there’s no light.

And I have to sing
a lullaby for dreams
coz now it seems
hearts have no wing.

(Good night, dreams…)
It might feel wrong to you
but it’s the best thing to do.
(Good night, dreams…)
I’m sorry but if I fight hard
the cost is a million broken hearts.
(Good night, dreams…)
How could I turn away?
Think only of me and walk away…
So good night dreams,
(Good night, dreams…)
None will be hurt but me,
and this is how it should be.

Dreams lay, sway, stay…
Dreams sleep in peace,
sleep in peace, sleep in peace…

And here comes plight,
flight, and dark so might,
so let us hide…
Please, just hug me tight.

May 2013,
from the forgotten drawer of someone’s desk.
Image taken from unknown web source

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