Blue Romance



Someone once told me that, if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with another hello.

As I watch him grins widely when he whines at me about the size of his birthday cake, there is a storm brewing in my heart.

How can I go through another day without seeing his silly grin?

Will my days ever return back to normalcy now that I’ve known someone like him is out there?

Someone once told me that an end could be a start.

But when you told me that you are sad too, when you told me that you also count the remains of our days together, my eyes are filled with tears.

“What makes you happy?” he asks me, out of the blue.

Us, I think secretly.

But I never dare to answer.


3 thoughts on “Blue Romance

  1. Ehem, menemukan serpihan curhat di setiap katanya. *dicubit Kak Omi* Yah, ngomong sih gampang ya kak. Akhir dari sesuatu adalah awal dari sesuatu yang baru. Tapi rasa sakit karena ada sebuah ‘akhir’ pasti ada. Nice flashfiction.

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