Birthday Girl

She turns her eyes to the ceiling-to-floor window, watching carefully as the rain knocks it softly over and over. There is a muffled sound of thunder somewhere near, warning those people outside to immediately go home and stay there until the rain decides to pay a visit somewhere else.

She can feel the presence of the rain all over the room, as though the rain has somehow found a way to sneak in through the cracks on the wall.

Personally, she always loves rainy days. But not today.

Today is February 29th. In many countries up north, people probably are cuddling with their loved ones while drinking hot chocolate, trying their best to stay away from the cold. Not here.  There is nothing but a dry, chilly wind during winter.  And in summer, the weather can do a 180 in one day.  You can wake up bathed in your own sweat and climb your bed later in the evening shivering from the cold weather.  She cannot help but imagining the mountain of snow she used to have during winter back in Tokyo.  So much has changed since those lovely simple days she used to have in her hometown.

Today is February 29th, the day when she turns 19. The digital clock on top of her night stand tells her that her birthday will be just another day in the past in one more hour, yet not a single pleasant thing happens to her right up to this moment.

One more hour, she thinks.

She refills her cup of chamomile tea and brings it over to the window. As she looks down to the swirling umbrellas in multiple colors down there, one hopeful thought crosses her mind.

Could there be one enormous change at the very last minute waiting for her?

She closes her weary, hazel eyes and sighs.

One can only hope.

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Just a couple of notes:
    -people are be cuddling (grammar?)
    -winter season, summer season (idk why but putting “season” feels a bit weird to me)

    But overall, this writing has that gloomy air that is so contradicting the title. And I just LOVE the last sentence. One can only hope 🙂 indeed, indeed…

    • Thank you for the correction, Gsan!
      I was changing some words around and as usual being careless here and there *hug* Thank God for editors, huh? 🙂

      Glad that you feel the gloomy air.
      I’m trying to channel the blues that often greet people around their birthdays. I don’t know if most of them feel that way, I’m not really sure. But I do feel it, loud and clear it begs me to be written down into a story. Hehe

  2. Maaf omii gue baru komen.
    Seperti biasa, si gigit yang terlambat ahaha.
    Eh tapi udah subscribe dong *bangga* jadi ga bakal telat lagi.

    Jujur pas baca… I don’t really get the ending,
    apakah karena dia berharap waktu berputar, dan dia berhenti ulang tahun?
    Atau dia berharap akhirnya ada perubahan setelah birthdaynya?
    (Entah kenapa I kinda blame this on my average-english-level ahahahaha)

    Tapiiii suka sekali sama suasana gloomynya!
    Asli dapet banget, bahkan dari bayangan-bayangannya.
    Dan, girl you really know how to make short great writing ya!

    Still a job well done, walau g ga ngerti endingnya,
    tetap setelah selesai baca aku tersenyum hepi 😉

    • Tidak apa-apa, yang penting akhirnya BBM saya dan Gaby berhasil membuat kamu pos *senyum lebar* 😀

      Bingung ya?
      Itu sebetulnya endingnya memang sengaja dibuat open begitu. Maaf kalau jadi bingung. Dia hanya berharap, setengah hopeless gitu, bahwa pada detik-detik terakhir menjelang akhir dari hari ulangtahunnya akan terjadi something special. Gimana pun juga kan hari ulangtahun itu hanya datang setahun sekali, jadi dia berharap banget hari ini bakal berbeda dengan hari-hari lainnya.

      Dan saat seseorang nggak bisa lagi melakukan apa-apa, dia hanya bisa berharap dan berharap, no matter how silly it may sound 🙂

      Demikian *hormat*

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