All Good Things Come To An End

She was the cosmos, and she had no boundaries
The stars she held within had no bones
Dusty echoes would sometimes meet her ears but she would not bother
Swimming here and there, surrounded by insensitivity and mystery
Why should she care when it was her own lie that always had the brightest aura, the loudest scream ?
She did not betray sound, she did not demand a rapture of the meteors that had found home in her chest

Her delicate figure, her petite frame keeping them safe

From light, from time, from herself

She listened to the sound of hatred and wept

She listened to the sound of ignorance and screamed

She listened to the sound of apathy

And reached for the earplugs
Like everyone else
For the sound
Of death

Driving and piercing, it was inescapable, it flowed over her body like water, the joy it brought her was immense, like a love you believe you will never lose.


6 thoughts on “All Good Things Come To An End

  1. Wogh… chibi-murakami?

    I just have a tiny correction: she did not betrayED sound. I think the “ED” shud go?

    This rings true to our generation. I especially love the last verse 🙂

    And the beautiful picture too!

  2. chibi-murakami? *creasing my forehead*

    AHA! Yes, yes, yes… thank you for your correction, I missed that one. Well, I got inspired from the article that I gave you

    So thanks again! *hug

  3. Ah ending yang menggaung. *senang*

    Oh jadi Murakami style begini.
    jadi bener-bener penasaran.
    Been hearing those name a lot, tapi blm pernah baca bukunya.
    *todong gaby*

    • baca dong baca baca baca! –> fans berat

      Harus baca Sputnik Sweetheart, it’s a masterpiece! Sebetulnya semua karya dia itu unik, lingering, dan… *jangan percaya pada seseorang yang sudah menjadi penggemar berat seperti saya. bias all the way* hahahaha

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