The Tryst

When fray glimpses of moonlight upon the lake’s surface brushed, the night was hushed. Even the wind knew it was a secret, some sort of craze–we stole a stroll that was not supposed to take place. But what is the Heart, if not a faithful betrayer of the Mind? Past Reason’s gate it sneaked, leaving Fate unknowingly behind.

We tiptoed deep into the woods, all covered in hoods. It was foggy, the land was soggy. Our and whatever’s shadows were dancing frantically amidst bulky tree trunks and on the ground… as if desperately spreading around that secret we had, but without a sound.

Farther down the path we continued to tread, the less we dread. What was that secret? I seemed to forget. You seemed so carefree, watching gleefully over the jolly me, prancing away, as I curiously thought I might had heard a bird. And then, suddenly struck by realisation, I remembered.

This was all but a dream, a slip of Fate when the moon started to gleam.

I turned and asked for you to come closer and take my hand, but you ceased not to stand.

“What to do? Upon waking I would forget you. Met we have not, and in reality now I know you not,” hastily I said. You laughed and there you still stayed.

“My foolish dear, like always, you would wake up in my embrace, do you hear? I would be beside you, tomorrow and every following days too,” you retorted.

And then the earthquake started.

We panicked. Fate knew then she was tricked. She would hate the fact that we met ahead of the destined date. This dream had to end, and back to our separate lives we went, to when you would not be to me even a friend.

I took a last good look of your face, I said your name repeatedly so on my lips it would stay fresh. Alas, in that blink when I opened my eyes, everything about you disappeared without a trace.

But I remembered the moonbeams most slight, on that placid lake they shed light. The stolen stroll, a path hidden beneath trees so tall. That moment when from each other our hands missed. A midnight tryst, in a forest full of mist.

Kala mimpi mendahului takdir, di mana engkau hadir.

Lalu bayangan wajahmu melipir, dan aku terbangun getir.


7 thoughts on “The Tryst

  1. This sentence pops into my mind right after reading this post: In the stillness of remembering what you had and what you lost

    A hauntingly beautiful piece, and I’m saying it honestly from the bottom of my heart. A beautiful yet sad dream. But it’s a hopeful kind of sadness, the one that comes right before you finally embrace the unexpected twist of fate in life. The kind of sadness that somehow gives you a reason not to be sad anymore, because you know that eventually this sadness will be canceled out by the upcoming happiness.

    Oh, by the way, next time hit the snooze button so that you can keep the dream alive! –> kemudian dihujat massa karena mengubah mood ceritanya 😛

  2. Lolol… thanks for loving it. I wish by hitting a snooze button I can prolong the pleasant dream I was having… bummer.

    Turns out, a forest setting is much more magical than old school huh.

    And the sentence that came to ur head looks promising :’)

    • Thank you – glad you like it 🙂

      If you’d like to read our other writings in English, please select “English” in categories. *tee-hee*

  3. Pria itu… ah…. jadi ingat mimpi yang lu ceritakan.
    And I was there in the morning when you wake up, reading your message about this man you can’t seem to remember. That bittersweet feelings sometimes still linger ya. Oh… Silly, please come for Gaby! kekeke 😀

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